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Welcome to Beerakuda, a studio and store selling unique recycled art made from bottle caps and found objects. Each one-of-a-kind beer cap fish is handmade by Bill Henig in Nashville, Tennessee. His whimsical folk art creations are colorful and loaded with personality. 

Beerakudas look right at home hanging in a beach house, cabin, den, man-cave, seafood restaurant, bar, office or kitchen. When several are grouped together, they create an offbeat and colorful statement wall. They make unique gifts for dad or any fisherman, beer drinker or art lover.


About Beerakuda

I’m Bill Henig, the guy who makes these creatures. A number of years ago, while sitting around a campfire amassing beer bottles for the recycling bin, I got to thinking. I was recycling bottles, but sadly all the caps would end up in a landfill. So I came up with my own recycling program. I began making art out of discarded bottle caps. To add a little whimsy, I use other things like leftover metal, wire, webbing, beads, tacks and various doodads I find lying around.


Why I only make fish

Fish are a big part of my life. I’ve been an avid fisherman since the age of seven. I scuba dive and am fascinated by underwater critters. Caps as scales seemed pretty obvious to me so I just went with it.


What's up with the names?

I don’t claim to be a fine artist. But a lot of time goes into every fish. Each cap is individually flattened by hand and securely nailed onto a solid wood base. Most of the other parts are wired, tacked or screwed on. When I finish a Beerakuda, it has a surprising amount of personality and meaning to me. I name each one based on who or what it looks like to me and write the name on the back.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work!

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