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Frequently Asked Questions

What about shipping?

We will carefully pack your Beerakuda and ship it for free. We will let you know when your item ships and provide tracking information for your convenience.

What if my Beerakuda arrives damaged?

We will try our best to pack it so that it arrives as shown on the website. But there is always the possibility that for damage in transit. If you feel your Beerakuda is damaged – something is bent or an item has fallen off – please email a photo of the damage along with a description to and we will get back you within 24 to 48 hours with instructions. Please put DAMAGED BEERAKUDA in the subject line. 

Will you make a custom Beerakuda using my own caps?

Yes! However, there are a couple of stipulations you must agree to first: ​

  1. You will need to send us a minimum of 70 BEER caps for the body area (all the same cap). You may also send different beer caps to be used for the head area, top and bottom, or accents and whimsical add-ons. But those are optional. We have plenty of cool caps laying around the studio that we can and will use in addition to your main body caps.

  2. After you purchase your custom Beerakuda, we will contact you with confirmation and a physical address to send your caps. It will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to receive your custom Beerakuda.​

  3. The overall design and look of the Beerakuda are at the discretion of the artist. Caps from additional beer brands will likely be added by the artist. The final size will be approximately 23" to 25" long.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom Beerakuda, please visit the Commission Page.

Will you make a Beerakuda using soda bottle caps?

No. These are BEERakudas. 

Will you make something other than a fish?

No. I'm an avid fisherman, scuba diver and seafood expert in my day job. Fish make sense to me.

Can I hang my Beerakuda outside?

We do not recommend leaving your Beerakuda outside in the elements because the caps and other materials may rust. If you display your Beerakuda in a covered outdoor area such as a covered patio or screened porch, we recommend spraying the Beerakuda with a clear sealant that you can buy at a craft store. This may not completely stop rust but it will help.

What is the best way to dust my Beerakuda?

We use a feather duster or a soft dusting brush. Beware of Swiffer dusters – they easily snag on the caps, wires, nails and metal pieces, which can easily damage your Beerakuda.

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