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Custom Beerakuda

Custom Beerakuda

IMPORTANT! Read carefully before you order:


You will need to send us a minimum of 75 BEER caps for the body area (all the same type of cap). In addition, you may also send different beer caps to be used for the head area, top and bottom, or accents and whimsical add-ons. But those are optional. We have plenty of cool caps laying around the studio that we can and will use in addition to your main body caps.


After you order a custom Beerakuda, we will contact you with a confirmation and physical address to send your caps. Once we receive your caps, we'll notify you that your Beerakuda is in the works. After that, it will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to receive the finished piece.


The overall design and look of the Beerakuda are at the discretion of the artist. Caps from additional beer brands will likely be added by the artist. The final size will be approximately 23" to 25" long.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

  • Size


  • Free Shipping

    We will carefully pack your Beerakuda and ship it for free. We will let you know when your item ships and provide tracking information for your convenience.

  • Disclaimer

    Because Beerakudas are made with discarded cut metal, wires, nails and flattened caps, there is the potential for nicks and cuts if not handled with a reasonable amount of care. DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY WITH YOUR BEERAKUDA! ​When you receive your Beerakuda, carefully take it out of the box, set it on a table or flat surface, and then remove the bubble wrap. Avoid grasping it in a way that brings you in contact with any sharp edges. You shouldn't have any problems if you use common sense. We're just letting you know so there are no surprises. We can not be held responsible for any cuts or injuries.

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